LASER FILM LAB can not say enough good things about the Lasergraphics Archivist Motion picture digital scanning system. It is the ultimate movie film scanner in the world.


UP TO 5.5K Resolution

Scanning Speeds up to 30 fps

High-density scanning Uses 2-flash High Dynamic Range outcome.

Warped film gate allows the scanning of damaged and warped films.

Sprocketless roller system transport is great for older film.


For all of your small gauge film 8mm and 16mm sound or silent. Lasergraphics archivist motion picture scanning system is the cream of the crop transfer system around. Companies such as ESPN, NASA, and the Library of Congress and many more use the Lasergraphics scanner.

The resolution with proper post-production is far superior than all other transfer systems can provide, warped films with damaged sprockets and splice issues will scan with ease. The Lasergraphic Archivist provides smooth ultra-clear broadcast quality transfers.

Lasergraphics and LASER FILM LAB names you can trust.

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