Welcome to LASER FILM LAB, where we specialize in transferring all 8mm, and 16mm films of family films, documentaries, movies and TV shows, and all forms of Videotapes of your family treasures. If you have any movie films and video tapes that need to be digitized. We are your connection to make this happen!

We spend a large amount of time getting your films and videotapes ready for digitizing from cleaning film when needed, checking for splices and sprocket damage on your films to inspecting video tapes for any issues from broken housing, broken video tape, and checking for mold and so forth. We at LASER FILM LAB use the latest in technology using the Lasergraphics Archivist movie film digital scanner and in transferring video tapes with the most up-to-date equipment. That is maintained to get the best possible outcome.

Video restoration is the key to any film or videotape. And we at LASER FILM LAB have the finest tools to make this happen. ALGO SOFT VIVA is the best way to go. ESPN, NASA,  the Library of congress and many more use this outstanding software to get the best outcome possible.


And lastly Postproduction is imperative to finalize your projects. We at LASER FILM LAB have the best mentors to get this done. Owner Wally Stall has had extensive training in this field by the best tutors in the industry. We are proud to give you the most up to date skills in this area.


Give LASER FILM LAB a try.